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How Do I Register For An Auction?

If you are planning on attending the auction in person and bidding onsite, please arrive one hour to thirty minutes before the start time to register. Please come to the auction office when you first arrive and register with the auction team. In order to register, you’ll need valid ID, a business card, or you can fill out a basic information form. Then you will receive a bidder number, a paddle, and an auction catalog detailing the items being sold.


To bid via the internet, please register for the sale on You must register at least 24 hours before the sale – we recommend registering even earlier, as this will guarantee your admittance. To register, find the auction that you are interested in on our Auctions page and click the “Register Online” link. This will bring you to the Bidspotter site, where you can sign up for a Bidspotter account (“First Time Registration) or sign in using your current Bidspotter account (“Register for this auction!”).

If this is your first time using Bidspotter’s services, click the link for “First time Registration,” follow the instructions and fill in the appropriate information. Once you have registered for the auction, our team will be notified. We will then approve you for the auction or contact you for additional requirements. Once you have met these requirements, you will receive an email from Bidspotter stating that you have been approved for the auction.


What do I need to bid?
In order to bid onsite please bring valid identification, contact information or a business card, and a form of payment.


Can I inspect the equipment before the auction?
We allow equipment inspections, but only during a specified time. Auction inspections typically occur the day before the sale date. These dates and times are limited and vary for each auction. Please check the individual auction page for details on when the auction inspection occurs.


I haven’t been approved yet for an online auction. What should I do?
If you have not received an approval confirmation email from Bidspotter by the auction date, please call our office at (224) 927-5300. We also do not approve bidders with negative ratings unless they provide a 25% deposit prior to the auction.




What is buyer’s premium?
Buyer’s Premium (BP) is a small fee that is added to the winning bid of each item. The fee goes to the auction company to cover costs associated with running the sale. This fee is typically 15% for onsite buyers and 18% for online buyers. Although these rates are typical, please check the individual auction page for the buyer’s premium rates, as they may vary.


In what order is the equipment sold?
Equipment is sold based on the specific order of the lot catalog. This catalog can be found online a few days before the sale and onsite the day of the auction


How long does an auction take?
Auction times vary and we cannot predict specific times that items may sell. If you are bidding online you can set an “Alert Lot,” which will alert you when we have reached your desired lot.


How do I place a bid online?
Once the auction has begun and you are logged into Bidspotter, click the “Bid Now” button next to the auction you would like to participate in. A new window will appear on your screen – this is the Live Auction interface. On the right side there is lot catalog and the left side displays the current lot number, a brief description, the asking bid, the high bid, and a picture (if available) of the lot.


If I change my mind, can I cancel the bid?
Once a bid is placed, you cannot cancel a bid. Placing a bid is a binding contract and you are obligated to purchase the item if you are declared the winning bidder. Always make sure that you know exactly what you are bidding on. It is recommended that you inspect the item and its condition prior to the sale to ensure that it meets your approval.


I’m having problems bidding on Bidspotter. Who should I contact?
Please contact Bidspotter with any issues and not the auction company. You can visit the Bidspotter help desk at or read their Frequently Asked Questions page at for further assistance.


What does “one money” mean?
“One money” is an industry term that indicates the grouping of multiple lots for one price.